We are excited to announce the expected beginning of the barging operation next week with the arrival of a barge-based crane, and the delivery of fence materials and empty containers for debris removal. In order to maintain public safety during barging operations, the east roadway and promenade will be closed for the duration of the abatement and demolition project, beginning on approximately January 22nd.

In order to accommodate traffic to South Point Park and Four Freedoms Park, the west roadway will be modified to accommodate two-way traffic, including the creation of a temporary vehicle turn-around near the west entrance to South Point Park. The roadway modification and construction of the turn-around is expected to take several weeks and, during that time, the west roadway will be closed to all but emergency vehicles. Following the completion of this work, no later than April 1, the west roadway will be re-opened.

The west pedestrian promenade will be opened for the entire duration of the abatement and demolition project, including the time when the west roadway will be closed.

The site fence will take approximately 3 weeks to install.

The first demolition work will be interior demolition, which will include the removal of interior partitions, walls and ceilings. All of the debris from the interior demolition will be placed in containers and removed from the site by barge.