Foundation removals of Building F and Building C are complete. Approximately 35% of the foundation of Building D has been removed. This work is ongoing. The crushing and backfill operation work is ongoing. The Building F footprint is the furthest along, with backfill approximately 50% complete. All foundation removals and backfilling of Phase 1 buildings will be complete by the end of the year.

In the Phase 2 area, Building G has been demolished. Its foundation will be removed later this winter. Demolition work on Building J, the southernmost building, is underway and approximately 30% complete.

Work on Building E will begin within the next two weeks now that the building has been disconnected from electrical service.

The electrical ductbank work along the west roadway has begun. Crews are surveying the area to determine what work can take place within the current site fence line and what work will require temporary fence relocation into the roadway.