Roadwork and Central Utility Plant – Installation of Foam Glass on the exterior masonry of the Central Utility Plant (CUP) will continue through this period. Pavers in the equipment maintenance area on the CUP roof are being installed through this period. The stainless steel façade panels for the north face will be installed in this period and continue through the end of the month. Concrete curb and sidewalk installation continues on the south side of the South Loop Road. Curb work on the East Road will be complete in the beginning of this period. Stormwater filtration and bioinfiltration systems at the Bridge (CoLo) and the Residential Building will be completed in this period. Excavation for the Bloomberg Café Terrace retaining wall will continue through this period. Forming of the wall and installation of rebar will begin towards the end of this period. Grading of landforms in Phase 2 is ongoing.

Geothermal – The heating components of the geothermal system will be turned on and testing will begin in the second week of the period.  Commissioning is scheduled to continue through October.

Co-Location Building – Glass curtain wall continues to be installed on the east and west sides of the building. Soffit work is ongoing on the two main cantilevers. Roofing is underway and will continue through November. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) rough in continues throughout the building as does interior framing. Drywall installation is underway and will continue throughout the building.

Residential Building – At the Residential Building, caulking on the north and east face is nearing completion and punch-list for same is underway. Air barrier installation is ongoing on multiple floors. Installation of the roofing main barrier is ongoing. Framing apartments continues on the upper floors and drywall installation is following closely behind.

Bloomberg Center – Halo (PV level) Façade panel installation will move to the east side of the building in the second week of this period. Work at Stair 5 continues as the framing connections for the window system are being installed. Soffit work along the exterior façade is also underway.  Roofing installation on the main section of the roof is ongoing.